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Free Windshield Repair?         Professional glass surface restoration since 1994

It's a preventive thing
                                             AAA Membership (Premier) perk
See note below


 $450     cost of windshield installed
-$100     your deductible
 $350     cost to your insurance company

You may see FREE WINDSHIELD REPAIR offered at car washes, fuel stations, shopping centers and other locations. Don't be suprised when you are greeted by a pushy stranger who wants your personal insurance information to repair your windshield. They're notorious for 5 minute amateur quality windshield repairs and creating frivolous auto glass claims for cosmetic surface nicks that have no potential to ever spread. I know this from all the surface nicks my customers have pointed out to me on their windshields that were targeted for repair by these guys at gas stations.

They are also the reason State Farm, Mercury, Bristol West and AAA (Southern CA) no longer waive your deductible for windshield rock chip repair - bad repairs. Avoid getting involved in insurance fraud and just say NO to scammers. If you want them to buzz off just say you don't have comprehensive coverage. This works for one of my customers, Arnold Cruz, thanks for the tip!

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I'm no longer directly billing insurance for windshield repair, now accepting cash or check only. 

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 Most insurance providers will reimburse for this service (comprehensive coverage required).

If the windshield must be replaced be sure the glass shop has qualified factory trained technicians and uses good quality materials. Don't shop for price alone. Repair also eliminates the possibility of altered airbag effectiveness due to substandard windshield installation.

AAA Roadside Assistance (Premier) benefits include a $50 reimbursement for windshield repair / replacement once a year. Click here for the Windshield Reimbursement Form you can fill out online, print and submit along with your paid invoice.

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